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I had a BLAST at this office!

The entire staff is energetic, welcoming and genuine. I enjoyed myself the entire time as the assistants joked with me and listened to my silliness. I felt so comfortable there and I almost didn’t want to leave because I felt like we connected. I could see myself getting drinks with them all. That being said, they were very knowledgeable and professional so it was not off putting. They seem adaptable and can handle anyone. The doctor I saw was a step-in from Tyler, Tx. He was great, kind and thorough. He was patient with me when I would ask if he could go back and try the other lenses again because it was sometimes tricky for me to tell if there was a difference. He was also really good at explaining how to put on and take off contacts as it was my first time!!! He made me feel like a pro and gave me the information needed to feel like “I got this”! Though this was just my first time, I highly recommend it if this is the experience I will get each time. I have a feeling I will as they seemed down to earth, honest, caring professionals.

- Mandie M. - Google Review

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