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I had a BLAST at this office!


The entire staff is energetic, welcoming and genuine. I enjoyed myself the entire time as the assistants joked with me and listened to my silliness. I felt so comfortable there and I almost didn’t want to leave because I felt like we connected. I could see myself getting drinks with them all. That being said, they were very knowledgeable and professional so it was not off putting. They seem adaptable and can handle anyone. The doctor I saw was a step-in from Tyler, Tx. He was great, kind and thorough. He was patient with me when I would ask if he could go back and try the other lenses again because it was sometimes tricky for me to tell if there was a difference. He was also really good at explaining how to put on and take off contacts as it was my first time!!! He made me feel like a pro and gave me the information needed to feel like “I got this”! Though this was just my first time, I highly recommend it if this is the experience I will get each time. I have a feeling I will as they seemed down to earth, honest, caring professionals.

- Mandie M. - Google Review

Great Experience


This was a great experience at Parmer Eye Care! The receptionists were super friendly and helpful. They were most understanding when I was almost ten minutes late due to traffic. The eye exam was as smooth as can be, with no issues. They dont even have to dilate your eyes with drops! The big eye scanning machine can do that! Saw some complaints about lots of questions, but they explained every question they had and why it was important to know. I had no idea the cyst removed years ago near my eye could have cause vision issues (Luckily it didn't!). And again, their at this point your doctor, so yeah they're going to have some questions. Nothing was invasive, and they were totally understanding when I told them not only was I currently were old contacts (broke my glasses) but that the glasses were out of date as was my prescription. As for picking frames themselves, the store stayed open about a good half hour longer while I was being picky about frames. The staff were even trying to help me pick out frames! Not something that you usually get as eye places tend to be super busy! Will definitely come back here for my next visit.

- Timothy H. - Google Review

Highly Experienced


Dr Lemansky and her team at Parmer Eye Care are the top in the area. They are highly experienced and professional and go the extra mile for their clients. I appreciate them every time I go in.

- Jeff K. - Google Review

Best Eye Doctor in Austin Area!


I have a pleasure to be in same group with Dr. Lemanski. She and her team are professional, friendly and super helpful. I highly recommend!

Review update: I finally went to get my exe exam done. From the moment I stepped it I was greeted by friendly stuff members. They took my information and asked me to fill out new patience form. In 5 mins I was asked to come in to start the process. Kaitlyn had used 4 types of high end equipment to check my eye, by scanning, checking for a bright light, etc. The process was very thorough. I have never done some of the tests. Than Dr. Lemanski took a look at my results and explained me everything going on with my eyes. I spend a lot of time on screens and was little worried. But everything was ok. She than instead of diluting my eyes to check the back of it took a picture of it using another high end equipment. I was able to look at the structure of my eye which was amazing. Our eyes are so complex similar to how galaxy looks. Overall it was a great experience.

- Dayren A. - Google Review

Highly Recommend!


My wife and I have been with Parmer Eye Care since 2001! Dr. Lemanski is patient and thorough with her evaluation -- I have very picky vision requirements and conditions. Her staff has always been skilled and friendly with getting our lenses made and re-made if needed. I highly recommend Parmer Eye Care and Dr. Lemanski!

- Julian C. - Google Review

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