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Our eye doctors provide superior eye care to patients in Austin, Texas. Whether you need a standard eye exam with an Optometrist or treatment for an eye infection or removal of superficial foreign material by an eye specialist or 'red eye doctor,' our Austin optometrists provide attentive, comprehensive care. An eye exam here includes a careful evaluation of your prescription needs as well as the overall health of your eyes. Many of our patients report that the exam they receive here is the best they've ever experienced.

We can help make your eye exam more comfortable than you have come to expect from an Optometrist or Ophthalmologist. Our Optomap Retinal Exam uses a digital photo of the back of the eye, often eliminating the need for eye drops and reducing discomfort. The images are saved to keep for future reference. We invite you to come to Parmer Eye Care to experience your best exam ever!

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Now there's an alternative to routine dilation of the eyes. With our Optomap technology, we can take a digital photo of the back of the eye which allows your doctor at Parmer Eye Care to check for problems without dilating your pupils. This can mean no drops, blurry vision, or sensitivity to light as experienced with the usual and customary dilating drops.*  Most patients are able to have their images taken and saved to disk for future reference without getting their eyes dilated. Call us for details at 512.339.2020.

*Some patients may still require dilation, depending on what is found regarding the health of their eyes.

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